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Android Application Peep thumbnail

This is an SNS to express yourself with 12 parts of the body. ...Detail

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Maths Quiz On The Move

Android Application Maths Quiz On The Move thumbnail

A dynamic Maths Quiz experience for everyone ...Detail

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Android Application mario thumbnail

Pros Classic Mario platforming gameplay Charming old-school visuals and music Tons of secrets to find in every level Includes a convenient save feature Completely free to play Cons Some conventions of classic Mario gameplay weren’t properly carried over Keyboard controls can be pretty finick... ...Detail

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World of Boxes

Android Application World of Boxes thumbnail ...Detail

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All In One

Android Application All In One thumbnail

All in One ...Detail

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Draw Once

Android Application Draw Once thumbnail

Draw Once is a very interesting and addictive brain puzzle game, The rule is very simple just you need to move your finger on the shape shown on the screen, but remember it is not always so easy to draw all line without lifting the finger and without retracting the same line before the time runs out... ...Detail

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The Birds Shooter

Android Application The Birds Shooter thumbnail

It is a free fun and shooting game that improve your shooting skills and challenge your speed and accuracy.In this game birds fly around your mobile screen and you have to shoot this birds by moving Gunner left and right on the screen before they escape. In this game you have to shoot maximum birds... ...Detail

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Lets Play Holi

Android Application Lets Play Holi thumbnail

Let’s Play Holi is the game where you have to throw colors at the resident of the apartment in limited time. ...Detail

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Goldfish Pet In Your Phone 3D

Android Application Goldfish Pet In Your Phone 3D thumbnail

Goldfish Pet In Your Phone 3D ...Detail

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Play Infinite Ad

Android Application Play Infinite Ad thumbnail

This app is targeted at some users who like to play a video looping forever until you shut down the Android device. Useful for showing promotional video like food menu, discount news etc in shops. It has an auto-start upon Android boot up feature but for some devices it may not work. Hence a widget ... ...Detail

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Decision Calculator

Android Application Decision Calculator thumbnail

Make your investment decisions before it gets too dark ...Detail

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Contact Backup

Android Application Contact Backup thumbnail

Backup you contacts to yourself and restore to any smartphone (!) without any server. ...Detail

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কুরআন শরীফ (Quran)

Android Application কুরআন শরীফ (Quran) thumbnail

বাংলা অর্থ ও অডিও সহ কুরআন শরীফ. কুরআনে বিষয় ভিত্তিক অনুসন্ধান করুন. হাফিজি-কুরআন পারা ও সূরা তালিকা সহ. সম্পর্কিত খুঁজে আয়াত দেখতে কুরআন ভিতরে বাংলা-বিষয় দিয়ে অনুসন্ধান করতে প্রথম অ্যাপ্লিকেশন. পছন্দের আয়াত চিহ্ন / বুকমার্ক করুন, শেয়ার করুন। ...Detail

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OZY in Mario world

Android Application OZY in Mario world thumbnail

OZY In Mario World - the classic platformer ...Detail

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Titan App Lock

Android Application Titan App Lock thumbnail

AppLock can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls and any app you choose, with abundant options, protecting your privacy. ...Detail

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Spreading Light

Android Application Spreading Light thumbnail

Play this adventure game and help bring light to this magical world again. ...Detail