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Track N Travel

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Track n Travel is one of the best travel apps that lets you track your route as you travel & find your way back from any location to any place on that route. It is the perfect travel log app that shows the WAY BACK to ANY point on a saved route from the user’s current location. ...Detail

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Find Qibla Compass direction

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Never miss a prayer time! Find Qibla Compass direction. The best application to help Muslims prayers! ...Detail

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Compass is the most precise and performance optimized compass app available. It supports magnetic north and true north calculated using network or GPS location coordinates. The compass needle can be switched between magnetic and true north and the location coordinates can be copied, shared and viewe... ...Detail

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A pretty and accurate compass app. ...Detail

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Maveric - карты для любых поездок

Android Application Maveric - карты для любых поездок thumbnail

Это приложение, которое подойдет как для навигации в городе, так и для пешего туризма. Использовать его можно без подключения к сети Интернет. Вы получите неограниченное количество путевых точек и треков, а также программа будет поддерживать FourSquare и Wikipedia. Скачайте бесплатно apk файл по пря... ...Detail

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See your Altitude, Min and Max Altitudes, Oxygen level and more! Wear Supported! ...Detail

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Radar detector (radar)

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The application will inform sound and show on the map arisen danger, the type and distance to the danger. If you are connected to the Internet you will be able to monitor the traffic jams. The cards have support for viewing 3d buildings ...Detail

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Best Route GPS Navigator

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Find your way, reach the goal! ...Detail

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Location Based Reminder

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location based reminder is an android app where the user can add reminder based on location. ...Detail

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Fast Route Planner

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Multiple stop route planner ...Detail

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Fast Route Planner Plus

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Multiple destination route planner ...Detail

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Local is your best application to find any place you are looking for near you. Local offers you so easy and customized search with best filtered results, show you places as per user ratings. ...Detail

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Parkade App

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This app will help users get info about the nearest parkade ...Detail

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Gps Speedometer

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GPS SPEEDOMETER is a highly customizable,auto scalable speedometer with large analogue view,designed for daily use with perfect visual graphics. A perfect companion whenever you need to know your speed information,direction and altitude, Gps Speedometer can be used efficiently for driving,ridi... ...Detail

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Paper Compass

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/////IMPORTANT NOTE///// Your device must have hardware magnetic sensor inside to read earth magnetic field. If your device does not have magnetic sensor,your PaperCompass app will not work. PaperCompass is like a real compass just made from "paper". Specifications: -Rotating pointer made fr... ...Detail

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Android Application FindShip thumbnail

Find any ship all over the world! With FindShip, you can track your vessel' movements realtime on the map ...Detail