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Android Application Freedom thumbnail

The program to bypass checking the license Market (LVL) and to emulate the purchases within the application (In-App Billing). ...Detail

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Signal Boosters 3G 4G / WiFi

Android Application Signal Boosters 3G 4G / WiFi thumbnail

Do you need a stronger signal? Signal boosters helps you have stronger signal, thanks to its features: 1. Shows the exact signal strength of your mobile network and your wifi. 2. Offers you a list of apps you can use for better connectivity. 3. Gives you some tips to follow in order to increas... ...Detail

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Android Application Framaroot thumbnail

Getting root-rights for Android-devices in a single click and without a computer. Android app called Framaroot, allowing to obtain root-rights to some Android-smartphone / tablet just a click of the mouse. The application allows you to install Superuser and SuperSu smartphones / tablets without t... ...Detail

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Android Application Tasker thumbnail

The displayed application is a powerful multi-processor to automate virtually any action. After all, it often happens that the same action under certain conditions, we repeat again and again. ...Detail

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Trepn Profiler

Android Application Trepn Profiler thumbnail

OS: Android 4.0  Category: System  Tags: Diagnosis ...Detail

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Savee: Battery Doubler Optimizer

Android Application Savee: Battery Doubler Optimizer thumbnail

Savee is not a simple control panel to enable or disable WiFi, Bluetooth... it is an intelligent energy manager with advanced features! This application is the most effective that can double the battery life of any smartphone without affecting its performance. Once you installed it, you can forge... ...Detail

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Battery Saver

Android Application Battery Saver thumbnail

Extend your battery life with Battery Saver. ...Detail

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JavaScript Debugger

Android Application JavaScript Debugger thumbnail

You are a developer/Programmer.. But, you want debug Javascript on Android ? There never was a Javascript Debugger for the Android OS.. But, now, it's possible to debug Javascript with our new Application. ...Detail

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Audio Boost Widget

Android Application Audio Boost Widget thumbnail

Screen widget to boost your audio to the maximum ...Detail

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Hela Basa. Install Unicode to android system

Android Application Hela Basa.  Install Unicode to android system thumbnail

This app can install unicode (UTF-8) to your android System. After installation you can read and write in UTF-8. Your smart phone will support more languages.(Rooting Tutorials and other all needed apps are included in this app). Developer : Eranga Supun Gamagedara: e-mail : ... ...Detail

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Kindle for Android

Android Application Kindle for Android thumbnail

Now Android users can join the e-reading frenzy as Kindle for Android is now available. As a standalone Kindle app, there is nothing that separates this app from other Kindle apps or the Kindle itself, per se. You can access your Kindle books using Kindle’s WhisperSync software, sync last page read ... ...Detail

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OI News Reader

Android Application OI News Reader thumbnail

OI News Reader ready for the market. ...Detail

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Android Application LocationBotLite thumbnail

LocationBot is an Android app that can change various settings on your phone according to your location. ...Detail

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Android Application Foursquared thumbnail

Open Source Foursquare client for Android. ...Detail

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Yellowbook Mobile Search

Android Application Yellowbook Mobile Search thumbnail

G1™ Google Android™ Our newly-updated application is even easier and faster to use - and now features voice recognition! Just say what you want to find into the device like "Pizza", "Restaurants", "Plumber", "Florist", or whatever and we'll deliver local results to you. When you find the business... ...Detail