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Rar archive,zip and unzip

Android Application Rar archive,zip and unzip thumbnail

Rar archieve,zip and unzip file is one of the best file extractor,unpack zip files, compress and decompress the all farmat of rar and to scroll the all files of rar.usualy rar category manage the all types of files related compress and zip taxi protects your important files and catalogs th... ...Detail

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GPS navigator and tracker

Android Application GPS navigator and tracker thumbnail

GPS navigator location and tracker is an accurate and most advanced application which find your routes and navigate your map through traffic control systems,gps navigation locator is a time tracking best tool which give you the fastest and easy way point from east to west and north to south worldwid... ...Detail

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Yellow HD Flash Light

Android Application Yellow HD Flash Light thumbnail

Yellow HD Flash Light is an God of lights which has strobe scope & strobe controller widget, super bright hd flashlight has multiple colored options like (party lights, police light ,Lampe light ,flare light etc). Yellow HD Flash Light is a easy flashlight where you can simply click on power button... ...Detail

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Dr Digital Signature Maker

Android Application Dr Digital Signature Maker thumbnail

Dr digital Signature Maker is a stylish electronic sign maker which create your own autograph name signature, dr digital Signature Maker contain a sign pad where you simple wrote your name spellings and then they will show you a lot of signature styles of your name. You may draw professional signatu... ...Detail

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Dr Love Calculator & Tester

Android Application Dr Love Calculator & Tester thumbnail

Dr Love Calculator & Tester is an crush and love finder application where you check your love & lover compatibility that your partner is in which type of crush have, with this valentine love scanner & meter you will check your relationship and calculate it with your sweet heart beats bec... ...Detail

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AppLock & AppSecurity Plus

Android Application AppLock & AppSecurity Plus thumbnail

App Lock & App Security Plus & security locker is an easy and strong privacy locker . App Lock & App Security Plus is an privacy safeguard application for your Smartphone which repair privacy risks and protect your phone application with his strong password protection programs locker, this app lock... ...Detail

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Incoming Call Lock & Security

Android Application Incoming Call Lock & Security thumbnail

Incoming Call Lock & Security is anĀ¬ private call & privacy app which gives you relief from unwanted persons which receive your private and personal calls in your absence, incoming calling security app contain pattern & password invisible lock which strongly secure and protect your private call in y... ...Detail

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DR Yellow Battery SaverCleaner

Android Application DR Yellow Battery SaverCleaner thumbnail

Are you worried sbout your mobile battery timing.Then here is the solution A brand new du yellow battery saver & cleaner which gives your mobile battery a new life and save him from caches also. Yellow battery saver and cleaner is a Dr for your smartphone cleanup the Bacteria of your smartphone,it ... ...Detail