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Q: Overview
A: Android Application Online gives you an easy way to distribute your applications to Android users. Key features of Android Application Online include:
  • Open: Android Application Online is open to any developer.
  • Simplicity: Join Android Application Online in 3 easy steps: Register, activate, and publish.
  • Community: Android users can rate and comment on applications.
  • Choice: Choose between distributing free and paid applications.
  • Manage: Your application portfolio: view downloads, monthly order and versioning.
  • Free Registration: Android Application Online does not charge any registration fee.
Q: Publish Your Applications
A: From the home screen, select "Developers" then "Publish". You'll be asked to fill in the following information for your app.
  • Product Name: The name of your application as you would like it to appear in Android Application Online.
  • Category:You must select a category for your application. Read more about categories.
  • Rate:Rate an application's content suitability for certain audiences
  • License:The end-user license the application designated.
  • Price:If the license is free, then the price is 0. The price range could be from $0.99 to $200 as developer designated (Currency is USD).
  • Version Number: The current version of the application. This could not be null.
  • Release Date: The official release date of application. Default is today.
  • File Location: As developer you can host their application at their own web site or server. If so, put the url of the application at this field.
  • File: As developer you can upload the application to Android Application Online. The file should be in ".apk" extension and not exceed 15Mbytes. (You can choice only file or file location)
  • Logo: You can upload a picture to be your logo, the resolution of picture is 90 * 60 px and not exceed 3M bytes, the picture format should be in
  • Screen Shot: You can upload up to 3 but minimum 1 picture to be your screen shot. The resolution of picure is 160 * 240 px and format should be in "jpg", "jpeg", "gif" and "png". Each picture size should not exceed 3M bytes.
  • Package: The application package, ie, it could be
  • Language: This is to denote the language of your application. Default language is US English. More languages will become available as Android-powered devices become available in those languages.
  • Brief Summary: A brief description highlighting your application. Plain text and maximum 2000 bytes.
  • Description: The description of your application as you would like to appear in Android Application Online. HTML is supported and maximum 8000 bytes
Q: Transaction Fee
A: For applications that you choose to sell as paid application in Android Application Online, the transaction fee is equivalent to 25% of the application price. For example, if you sell your application at a price of $10.00, the fee will be $2.50, and you will receive $7.50 in payment.
Start from May 25, 2011 till Dec 31, 2011, the transaction fee will be waived by, that means developers will get full pay for their paid applications sold on platform.
Q: Payment
A: Android Application Online do payment settlement monthly at the first week of each month. Transaction fee will be deducted from sales of your paid applications each month and the rest then will be wired to the account you registered in your profile. Currently, Android Application Online supports Paypal payment only, but new payment gateway functionalities will be added in sooner or later.
For Android developers from P.R. China, we can wire the fund to your bank account or mailing address through our subsidiary in China.
Q: Authorization and Authentication
A: We are rolling out a new authorization and authentication service targeting to Android Developers who want to develop applications used on Android-powered mobile devices and get compensated.
By using authorization and authentication service, developers can apply a straightforward and flexible licensing approach, prior to release to - each application can enforce licensing in a uniform and efficient way most appropriate for it.