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Currency Table

Android Application Currency Table thumbnail

The table shows the exchange rates for max. 15 selected currency pairs. To add a currency pair, press the plus button, to remove a currency pair - the minus button. To replace a currency pair, click on one of the flags. Exchange rates are updated when you click on the update button in the upper ri... ...Detail

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Let'sDo Notebook

Android Application Let

The application helps you to get rid off pen literally. It EMULATES stylus. This is a "writer" kind of app. Also it can be used for sketch drawing. You can use it as your plain notebook . When you finished with the page you can open next one by pressing > and con... ...Detail

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Android Application Jobfinder thumbnail

Look for a new well-paid job in your area or elsewhere! With a simple or an advanced search feature looking at hundreds of thousands of jobs from multiple job boards and career sites. You can specify the search for a job type or the experience required and localize it in the immediate vicinity. Fi... ...Detail

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3D Top5 Games

Android Application 3D Top5 Games thumbnail

These are the games you'll want to be with. now play your favorite game anytime on your device. ...Detail

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Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids

Android Application Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids thumbnail

Memory game with Easter spirit, fun for the whole family ...Detail

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Basketball Game 1 minute

Android Application Basketball Game 1 minute thumbnail

Very addictive and entertaining. This application basketball game is to dunk the largest number of balls in a minute's time. How playm You must touch the ball or the screen with the finger, then drag the finger back to change the angle and the power, at the end, take off the finger of the scre... ...Detail

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Guess Simple Pop Song

Android Application Guess Simple Pop Song thumbnail

Guess Simple Pop Song ...Detail

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Trap Drum Machine

Android Application Trap Drum Machine thumbnail

Create music in the style of Trap. ...Detail

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Android Application KISS BAND TOP TRACKS thumbnail

Kiss Biography. Four musicians with painted faces and platform shoes rose from the streets of New York to create one of rock & roll's biggest bands - and brands. ...Detail

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Jungle Bird Matching Game

Android Application Jungle Bird Matching Game thumbnail

Jungle Bird Matching Gameis a wonderful app that is both educational and very fun to play. Does your kid love to play and bring around his/her wooden horse or enjoys playing with The Eagle or The Owl? If so, then let your kids enjoy the ever fun, addicting and very educational game –Bird Face Matchi... ...Detail

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Commando In Enemy Town

Android Application Commando In Enemy Town thumbnail

A commando is dropped over enemy territory to clear the town captured by enemy. Commando is equipped with Pistol only. There are some weapons available on site which can be picked up. The enemy gun can also be snatched. ...Detail

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Learn Colors - for Kids

Android Application Learn Colors - for Kids thumbnail

Learn Colors in a fun way! Find the same cards before the time runs out! ...Detail

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Wizards Game for Kids

Android Application Wizards Game for Kids thumbnail

A fantastic Wizards Themed Game for all ages - Free Version ...Detail

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osmino Wi-Fi

Android Application osmino Wi-Fi thumbnail

osmino Wi-Fi - provides you with access to fast and free internet wherever you are. The unique Wi-Fi manager to accomplish automatic connection to free Wi-Fi and to share public or private Wi-Fi hotspots across the world. You turn on the automatic search and connection to open Wi-Fi networks by one ... ...Detail

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High Climb: Jumpy Bee

Android Application High Climb: Jumpy Bee thumbnail

Sweet bee is in hurry to Fly and Climb higher!!! The best 2015 High Climb Game. ...Detail

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Android Application Toma thumbnail

Talking kitten Toma – there is no pet more adorable than this one! Interact with the funniest cat- Tamagotchi, who always has something to respond with. ...Detail