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Android Application Miny-Movies thumbnail

MinyMovies application connects you do a collection of over 350+ short movies of duration 5- 15 minutes which you can watch on your Android smartphone / tablet computer for free. Watch Horror, Crime, Relationship , Drama, Western, Thriller ... now! ...Detail

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Rude Rabbit

Android Application Rude Rabbit thumbnail

Rude Rabbit - the QBert clone with powerups such as Crazy Carrots and more. ...Detail

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Exotic Pet Dentist

Android Application Exotic Pet Dentist thumbnail

Exotic pet dentist ...Detail

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Free Card and Skill Games Pack

Android Application Free Card and Skill Games Pack thumbnail

Play. Meet. Chat. A must-have for all gamers! All-time classics and new exclusive blockbusters in one fantastic collection: Tic Tac Toe, Crazy Eights, Darkville, Area 8, Battleships, and many more! All games can also be played online. Take on players from all over the world and meet new people. Get ... ...Detail

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Android Application BINARY OPTION ROBOT ™ thumbnail

The Best Robot for Binary Options 100% Automated Trading Software 83% average win rate Very easy to use, no prior knowledge required Compatible with all platforms FREE Version and PRO Version ...Detail

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Android Application Q~Bubba thumbnail

Q~Bubba is a clone of the classic arcade game Q*Bert. He hops on colored cubes to change colors and has powerups to help him. ...Detail

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Android Application Tenzo thumbnail

Tenzo - is a logic game with simple rules and a variety of combinations to pass. ...Detail

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Android Application PocketCraft thumbnail

PocketCraft is free but it has numerous features you love! ...Detail

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Mere Toons

Android Application Mere Toons thumbnail

Mere toons app on android featuring the India,s most popular super Heroes ,God & Goddess & favorite characters like Akbar Birbal , Betal ,Motu Chotu, MahabaliShaka, ChachaChoudary , Billoo,Pinki, Raman, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Lord Ram , MaaDurga, Sai Baba & more. ...Detail

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funny selfie

Android Application funny selfie thumbnail

Take photos of you and your friends with the Funny Selfie camera app. Turn every Selfie into a funny Selfies, it includes a set of funny icons (glasses,hats,magician kit…)will be selected randomly which make it more fun and surprising. When you open the camera on most devices, it starts with the r... ...Detail

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Formula One Craze

Android Application Formula One Craze thumbnail

. In Formula one craze, has thunder high-speed, you can compete against other racing cars off the grid to get top on the track. ...Detail

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Preschool Terrace Activities

Android Application Preschool Terrace Activities thumbnail

We go to the terrace of our home to see the vast and beautiful sky. ...Detail

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Airplane Game

Android Application Airplane Game thumbnail

Can you beat 20,000 points? Dare !! airplanes game is a new game in which you pilot airplanes commercial airplanes, with which you must get as far as possible. Become the best driver in the world with this fantastic game of airplanes. Share your punctuation with friends eb your favorite social... ...Detail

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Photo Editing Sketching App

Android Application Photo Editing Sketching App thumbnail

Photo Editing Sketching App ...Detail

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App Lock and Gallery Vault

Android Application App Lock and Gallery Vault thumbnail

Wish you could simply lock all your private apps on your smartphone with just a click? Are you tired of strangers looking at your personal images and videos? ...Detail

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Tubby Birds

Android Application Tubby Birds thumbnail

Fly Tubby, fly! ...Detail