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Android Application Peep thumbnail

This is an SNS to express yourself with 12 parts of the body. ...Detail

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Android Application mario thumbnail

Pros Classic Mario platforming gameplay Charming old-school visuals and music Tons of secrets to find in every level Includes a convenient save feature Completely free to play Cons Some conventions of classic Mario gameplay weren’t properly carried over Keyboard controls can be pretty finick... ...Detail

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World of Boxes

Android Application World of Boxes thumbnail

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.insapps.flappyboxes ...Detail

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Play Infinite Ad

Android Application Play Infinite Ad thumbnail

This app is targeted at some users who like to play a video looping forever until you shut down the Android device. Useful for showing promotional video like food menu, discount news etc in shops. It has an auto-start upon Android boot up feature but for some devices it may not work. Hence a widget ... ...Detail

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OZY in Mario world

Android Application OZY in Mario world thumbnail

OZY In Mario World - the classic platformer ...Detail

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GPS Quick Location Share

Android Application GPS Quick Location Share thumbnail

GPS Quick Location Share is the best way to easily share your address through text message, email or social media. GPS Quick Location generates real time GPS coordinates of your current location which can then be shared and opened directly on their phone for quickly accessible directions. Find th... ...Detail

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How to pay Whatsapp

Android Application How to pay Whatsapp thumbnail

Whatsapp is the most used messaging application of the moment. In Android we have 1 year free trial, after which you must pay the license, very cheap but not everyone knows how to pay. We explain step by step how to do it. ...Detail

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FreshAppz - App,Game,Wallpapers

Android Application FreshAppz - App,Game,Wallpapers thumbnail

Freshappz provides you top trending android application and games. All paid games and application here now is completely free of cost ...Detail

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Attack on Titan Live Wallpaper 3

Android Application Attack on Titan Live Wallpaper 3 thumbnail

Attack on Titan Live Wallpaper 3 ...Detail

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Pocket TV

Android Application Pocket TV thumbnail

Watch Free live Mobile TV On your Android Phone using Pocket TV ...Detail