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My Format Ad

Android Application My Format Ad thumbnail

For users who are not satisfied with the provided set of date and/or time format in your Android phones, this little app helps to make it easier. You get to setup your own user-defined date and/or time format. Then you get them to be copied to clipboard so you can paste that date format string in al... ...Detail

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Lottery Ad

Android Application Lottery Ad thumbnail

This app is for user to conduct their very own lottery draw game among their close group of friends for fun. Simple animation simulate the drawing of numbers for Pick 3,Pick 4,Multi-numbers of Classic Lotto,Powerball and Mega Millions. For different variation of Powerball,Mega Millions play, tap ... ...Detail

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Help Cook Ad

Android Application Help Cook Ad thumbnail

This app will not help big restaurant chefs in their daily work. What this app will help is more for small eateries, small time cooks working in food trucks, mom-and-pop eateries etc that need to serve up a lot of dishes within a short hour or two. Most of the time, waiter/waitress will take orders ... ...Detail

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Gift Manage Ad

Android Application Gift Manage Ad thumbnail

Do you have a family tradition to give gifts to your relatives and friends for festive occasions like Christmas, New Year or birthdays etc? How often you set off with a budget and then as and when you buy the gift for that receiver, you record it somewhere on paper and the most important thing of al... ...Detail

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Cover Open On Ad

Android Application Cover Open On Ad thumbnail

For those who have a cover over your smart-phone for protection, every-time you want to use, you need to lift up the cover press power button and swipe to unlock in order to use. This is very troublesome. This app aim to resolve the problem by trying to use the proximity sensor. Idea is simple. O... ...Detail

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Spy Phone App – Mobile tracker

Android Application Spy Phone App – Mobile tracker thumbnail

Spy Phone App – Mobile tracker is a complete surveillance tool for smartphones. It's main use is as a parental control application for underage children. It can also be used for monitoring the activity of employees, recovering lost data or to trace a missing/stolen smartphone. You can remotely... ...Detail

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The Walking Dead Live Wallpaper 1

Android Application The Walking Dead Live Wallpaper 1 thumbnail

The Walking Dead Live Wallpaper 1 ...Detail

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eBook - World War Z

Android Application eBook - World War Z thumbnail

World War Z - Max Brooks Brooks designed World War Z to follow the "laws" set up in The Zombie Survival Guide, and explained that the guide may exist in the world of the novel as a precursor to the Zombie War.[2] The zombies of The Zombie Survival Guide are undead humans reanimated by an incurable ... ...Detail

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Love Heart Sparkle Live Wallpaper

Android Application Love Heart Sparkle Live Wallpaper thumbnail

Feel the sparkling love of heart, right on your android home screen! ...Detail

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River Bridge Garden Live Wallpaper

Android Application River Bridge Garden Live Wallpaper thumbnail

Feel and watch the calming scenery of River Bridge Garden on your android screen! ...Detail